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I feel that the teaching world is continually pushing for more and more technology in the classroom and I find myself in half agreement. On one hand, I find that technology can enhance a lesson in terms of engagement and understanding. A student can connect with not only the teacher but the entire internet. I find it hard to condemn technology as being wholly bad because of its depth and breadth.

However, I think that most teachers and schools push the idea of technology too much. I like the idea of using technology when its appropriate but I do not want my students to come in everyday to be on their IPads or their laptops or whatever technology the school has. I think the pointless pushing of technology onto both students and teachers does not help either. This does not even mention the slew of extra responsibilities of the teacher to make sure each student is actually on task while their screens are looking away from the teacher.

I think the idea of technology is good but in moderation. A teacher can use technology for a lesson to engage their students in a way they could not normally. Frankly, if a teacher needs to use technology, that technology should be available, but do not force a teacher to use technology if they feel that pen and paper will do the trick.


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