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With the ever increasing demand for teachers to have students engage with each other and engage with the material, it seems that old techniques like the group discussion have fallen by the wayside. I think the discussion has been forgotten because it is a risk to attempt to start a discussion about the text. Students may not have read or students may not be interested so they may not engage with the teacher.

I find that the group discussion is a two way street. One way leads to amazing class discussion that students will find meaningful and impactful to their understanding of the text. It can clear misconceptions and become a lesson that connects with the student that no other technique can. The other way leads to a bunch of disengaged students. They do not get what you are saying, they do not engage with the questions, and the students are bored. This is the danger of any big group discussion because sometimes the students will just not connect to a reading.

However, I think that it is the job of the teacher to make the material interesting. Standing in front of the class attempting to make a series of words seem interesting and engaging to students who, frankly, do not want to be at school is the challenge of the teacher. The fact remains that teachers have to take risks to connect with their students and the class discussion is just one way to do this.
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